The Old Thai Heng Hotel is a Boutique hotel with a historical over 60 years old building that maintains the structure and symbol of Thai Chinese. The hotel is located in the city near Wat Mang Korn MRT station surrounded by Chinese culture inspired by the rich Chinese heritage in the Yaowarat area. We are the destination for tourists to rest and looking for a mixed culture of Thai Chinese in the sophisticated area of China Town (Yaowarat)

The Old Thai Heng Hotel building was the rice warehouse and wholesale shop for flour, glucose syrup, and biscuits in steel boxes. The owner was the first generation of Chinese people who migrated from the Southern part of China to Thailand in the year 1936 with nothing. He and his wife started from scratch to build up a fortune by hard work.

The food-related business is highly competition with import products and modern design packaging. The traditional family business declined over a period of time. The second generation decided to diversify to the Hotel and Restaurant business without experience. He started to renovate the building in early year 2019 and along the way, COVID-19 became an epidemic. The construction and decoration were completed in early 2021. We were facing the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand during The Old Thai Heng Hotel's grand opening in March 2021. All the business crises took more than one and a half years, especially the Hotel and restaurant business. We came through the business and learned to overcome the obstacles. Now we fully operate the Hotel and Restaurant as newcomers in this business. 

We have guest rooms, restaurants, and a cafeteria that gives you comfort and enjoyment in staying with us. We keep the Thai Chinese design that maintains the clue of Chinese culture in Thailand. You will find the oriental environment in several areas for good memory and uniquely experienced.